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If an information field is marked with an asterisk *, you must provide the requested information or it will not be possible to submit your application.

Details of family member you would like to add

Given name(s) (first and middle)*
As on passport
Middle name(s) (if any)As on passport
Last (or family) name*As on passport
Maiden name (if applicable)
Date of birth*
Is the family member a Bahá’í ? *
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Bahá’í ID or registration number If applicable
Country of issue of Bahá’í ID If applicable
Please place the cursor on the question mark in order to review a list of immediate family members who can be added.
Adding family members
The following family members can be added to the request:
  • Fiancé(e)s;
  • Spouses;
  • Children and/or stepchildren at any age;
  • Siblings;
  • Grandparents;
  • Grandchildren;
  • Aunts, uncles;
  • Nieces, nephews;
  • Similar categories of relations formed by legal bonds, such as marriage or adoption;
    of whom: First name
    Last name
    Language in which he/she would like to be guided during the pilgrimage programme (in order of preference).
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    Country of residence*If the family member’s country or territory is not listed, please contact your Bahá’í community.
    Postal address*
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    Telephone number Country code, area code, local number
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    Does the family member reside temporarily in a country which is different from his/her permanent residence?*
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    If "yes", please specify country 

    Passport details of family member

    Please complete this section if the family member resides in a country requiring a visa to enter Israel. If the details are not available at this time, please submit them by email to the Department of Pilgrimage before the family member applies for a visa.
    Type of document*


    Travel document


    Country that issued the document *If the family member’s country or territory is not listed, please contact your Bahá’í community.
    Document number
    Date of issue
    Date of expiry
    City where visa application filed