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As an assistance, the Universal House of Justice has authorized us to provide this set of instructions for those applying for a nine-day pilgrimage. Friends who wish to visit the Holy Land for any other purpose, such as a brief visit, should write to the House of Justice requesting permission, either directly or through their National Spiritual Assemblies.

Pilgrimage to the Bahá’í World Centre is a sacred experience in a believer’s life, an experience which many friends must plan for years in advance. We are confident this system will safeguard such arrangements and better facilitate the scheduling process.

The main policies regarding pilgrimage are set forth in “Policies and Guidelines”, and the House of Justice encourages you to study each point carefully.

When you want to apply for pilgrimage

You will need to send a request in writing to the Department of Pilgrimage in Haifa, Israel. This may be done by completing the online application form or by email, post, or fax. Be sure to include the following information:

  1. Your complete postal mailing address
  2. Your email address and fax number
  3. Your complete telephone number, including the country code
  4. The following details for yourself and for each family member who is included in your request:

An acknowledgement of your request for pilgrimage will be sent to you in due course.

The waiting period

We currently estimate the waiting period to be within a few months from the time you submit your request until you receive an email or a letter stating that you are being considered for pilgrimage and offering a range of dates from which to schedule your pilgrimage at least a year in advance. This is a general estimate and takes into account a number of considerations. Please bear in mind that during this period, it is essential that you inform the Department of Pilgrimage of any changes to your email and postal addresses.

You will have two choices at that time


Decline the entire list, if none of these dates is suitable to you. In that case, your name remains at the top of the waiting list, and you will get a further list of choices. If you decline the dates twice in succession, your application will be placed on hold for one year, after which time it will be automatically removed. Should your circumstances change during this period, please inform us so that we can process your existing application and offer you a range of new dates.


Complete the application forms and return the completed and signed forms to us as soon as possible. The actual scheduling is done on a “first come, first served” basis, so the sooner you return the forms the better. If believers who receive an identical list of dates wish to come together, they need to specify the same preferred dates.   More information.

The next step

On receipt of your completed application forms, an invitation will be issued to you. You may then either accept or decline the pilgrimage date offered to you.

If you decline or cancel this invitation, you will be sent another list of pilgrimage dates for you to prioritize in order of preference. If you refuse these dates, or if you fill in the forms for these new dates and then refuse the second invitation, your name will go to the bottom of the waiting list.

Information about package tours

The Bahá’í World Centre is not able to provide information on package tours to or within Israel. Your wisest course is to consult local travel agents for information relating to travel arrangements to Israel and costs while in the Holy Land.