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There are a number of reasons that Bahá’ís other than pilgrims may wish to come to the Holy Land, such as a brief visit to the Holy Shrines, to spend time with Israeli relatives, a business trip, or consultation at an Israeli university. Whatever the purpose of their travel to Israel, Bahá’ís must have the permission of the Universal House of Justice for their visit. In each case, the period for which the House of Justice grants permission for the person to come to Israel is determined in accordance with the nature of the visit.

Bahá’ís who wish to come to Israel purely to visit the Holy Shrines are generally permitted to come for a three-day visit to the Bahá’í World Centre. They may spend only three nights in the ‘Akká/Haifa area. If they arrive in the ‘Akká/Haifa area after 8:30 p.m., this night’s stay will not count as one of the three nights they are permitted to stay.

If you wish to visit the Holy Land, you may send your request for permission to the Bahá’í World Centre by email, post, or fax stating the following:

  1. Purpose of your visit (three-day visit, business, etc.)
  2. Full name(s)
  3. Date(s) of birth
  4. Bahá’í identification number(s)
  5. Mailing address (postal and email)
  6. Passport information
  7. Approximate date of your visit

to the following address:

Bahá’í World Centre
P.O. Box 155
31 00101 Haifa, Israel
Phone: 972 (4) 835-8438
Fax: 972 (4) 835-8280

It is suggested that your request be sent at least one month before your intended visit.

We wish to draw your attention to the importance of having medical insurance for the duration of your stay in the Holy Land. For more information click here.

The House of Justice has specific guidance regarding travel in Israel. For more information click here.

Important Information for
Visitors to the Bahá’í World Centre